Astronomical azimuth table exercises

Astronomical azimuth table exercises: This page contains 4 exercises for calculating the azimuth using the tables.

However, please read the explanation and the example first.

Astronomical azimuth tables explained, image page azimuth table
part of the azimuth tables

In fact, the azimuth is crucial for determining the sun’s line of position at sea, serving as the primary focus of my website’s objective.

Of course, please remember that you must first comprehend the meaning and the process of calculating:

Overall, to grasp its context, it is essential to start the La Rochelle Exercise.

Since, this exercise will guide you to an interactive worksheet (tables), allowing you to revisit this page and start the exercises below.

Birds on and by the ice outside Visby, Gotland, Sweden. Author image: W.Carter

Four exercises: azimuth tables

Blank worksheet tables

Page four exercises   with the azimuth tables and solutions, part of the worksheet
azimuth part of the worksheet

Astronomical azimuth table exercises


Astronomical azimuth table exercises, image of the azimuth tables

Overall, please read the explanation and the example first.!

let's start with sextant-sun-sight-observations and exercises

exercise A

P = 060° 30′,1 NW; L = 38° 06′ N; D = 08° 15′,5 N

answer A

exercise B

P = 39° 39′,8 SE; L = 05° 08′,9 S; D = 18° 18′,9 S

answer B

Astronomical azimuth tables explained

exercise C

P = 59° 44′,7 NE; L = 30° 28′,5 N; D = 20°20′,6 S

answer C

exercise D

P = 32° 30′,8 NW; L = 05°53’N; D = 45°13’N

answer D

Undoubtedy using the azimuth tables can be a bit laborious at first, but after completing the exercises and practicing again, you will quickly become accustomed to them.

In fact, you may find that you become more proficient with the tables than with using a scientific calculator to calculate Zv.

Additionally, the explanations provided in the margin of each sheet of the tables can be helpful. On the other hand, using a calculator and working with formulas that require a lot of brackets can sometimes be a hassle.