Recommandations easy

Here are some Recommandations for using this site, start by reading the general introduction and objective of the website on the home page to get a general understanding of what the site is about.

First, Have a look at the « The principle of the celestial sun sight » outlined on the celestial essentials on this website.

Then proceed to the “CELESTIAL EXERCISE” named LA ROCHELLE.

Recommandations easy, recommandation of LaRochelle page and interactive page
Recommandations Easy, image seabirds
sea birds flying along Walvis Bay in Namibia. Author image: Sudzie

Recommandations Easy

The primary objective of this site is to complete the worksheet of this Free celestial exercise “La Rochelle”correctly with the help of the interactive worksheet.

Recommandations Easy, instructions
Author image: Nick: Nick Youngson
San Gabriel River at Seal Beach California: Author image: Mona Vladko

It’s important to emphasize once again that the key is to become familiar with the worksheet first, and then gradually integrate all the celestial knowledge into it at your own pace.

This exercise asks you to fill in practical observations into a worksheet.

Once you have done this, activate the “Interactive Worksheet” button at the bottom of the exercise page.

You can access the interactive worksheet page after starting the exercise page.

Recommandations easy

RECOMMENDATIONS, image bad weather
Bad Weather author: XEON

Recommandations Easy

Noteworthy comment

It is important to bear in mind that when you are at sea, especially under adverse weather conditions or while juggling multiple daily tasks, you must possess a profound level of experience in completing your worksheet.

RECOMMENDATIONS, image sailing in bad weather
Sailing on the Baltic sea: Andreas Brotzer