Celestial Sun Navigation Spreadsheets

Enjoy exploring this page featuring celestial sun navigation spreadsheets, which are part of one of the eight identical exercises you should resolve. However, tackle the exercise on this page only after completing the foundational La Rochelle exercise.

The main goal of these exercises is to calculate and understand how to calculate the line of position with the sun in daytime.

Furthermore, on this page, we want to underscore the importance of the spreadsheet, also called proformas or worksheets, which will guide you throughout from the observation until the end of the fully calculated line of position, formulas included

Celestial Sun Navigation Spreadsheets, image part of easextant spreadsheet/worksheet
Part of the easysextant blank spreadsheet/worksheet

Celestial Sun Navigation Spreadsheets:

The”La Rochelle exercise” is the first in a series of eight identical exercises, each named after a major city in the world near the simulated sextant observations.

This page focuses on the Point à Pitre exercise. You can find the others on the Celestial Course page.

While the La Rochelle exercise is for free, the answers for the remaining exercises can be bought in the store.

Consider purchasing only after completing the La Rochelle exercise. Then, it will be more enjoyable


Celestial Sun Navigation Spreadsheets: additional information

Upon completion, please create a plotting sheet following the instructions provided on the ‘Make Your Own Plotting Sheet’ page

On the second part of the celestial course page, you will find additional sections covering the time interval between two Lines of Position (LOPs), the process of transferring a LOP, and understanding the uncertainty area associated with a LOP.

La Darse P-à-P (2019) author: Filo gèn’

Firstly, on this page Pointe-à-Pitre you will find all the sextant sun sight observations required after taking a sun sight at sea off the coast of Pointe-à-Pitre.

Celestial Sun Navigation Spreadsheets Pointe-à-Pitre:

Celestial Sun Navigation Spreadsheets, image calculator and blocnote

print/download PDF worksheet or copy by hand

First part of the spreadsheet of the sun sight observations

Celestial Sun Navigation Spreadsheets, worksheet with red entries

Firstly, start manually completing the red entries on this page.

Celestial Sun Navigation Spreadsheets:

Time UT and Date

DAY = Monday; DATE = 26/09/2022; UT Time = 13:54:01

sextant height (Hs)

Celestial Sun Navigation Spreadsheets Pointe-à-Pitre image sextant height

lower limb

index error

Celestial Sun Navigation Spreadsheets, image sextant index error

Non adjustable error

Celestial Sun Navigation Spreadsheets, image inspection certificat

eye height

Celestial Sun Navigation Spreadsheets, image eye height

Dead reckoning position:

Latitude (L) :

16°34′ North

Longitude (G) :

059°25′ West

daily page

nautical almanac

Celestial Sun Navigation Spreadsheets, image daily page nautical almanac

Also this daily page has been downloaded on the nauticalalmanac.it website with the kind permission of its author Capt.Roberto Iori

Celestial Sun Navigation Spreadsheets:

Húsavík lighthouse d’Islande Bjorn.thorvaldsson.is

Celestial Sun Navigation Spreadsheets Point-à-Pitre

The sea around Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe)

Indeed, the sea around Guadeloupe, a French Caribbean archipelago, is part of the Caribbean Sea.

The region boasts turquoise waters, coral reefs, and a rich marine biodiversity. In fact, Guadeloupe is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the eastern side and the Caribbean Sea on the western side.

Furthermore, the Caribbean Sea, known for its warm temperatures and vibrant coral ecosystems, contributes to Guadeloupe’s appeal as a popular tourist destination.

The marine life includes colorful coral formations, tropical fish, and endangered sea turtles.

Guadeloupe’s waters offer opportunities for snorkeling, scuba diving, and water sports. However, the area faces environmental challenges, including coral bleaching and the impact of climate change on sea life.

Moreover, conservation efforts aim to protect and sustain the delicate balance of the marine ecosystem around Guadeloupe.