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The tall ship’s races/ Cuauthémoc : author image: Leo-Setä
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1) Answers for exercises 1 to 8 “Calculator”)PDF//

2) Answers for exercises 1 to 8 Tables”PDF //

3) Table 1 log cosine PDF //

4) Table 2 log versine PDF //

5) Table3 natural-cosinePDF //

6) Table 4 mantissas PDF //

7) Table 5 natural-sine PDF //

8) Azimuth table part 1 PDF //

9) Azimuth table part 2 PDF //

10) Increment table PDF //

11) Altitude correction table PDF //

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In the event that you encounter any problems or misplace the files, kindly reach out to me via the contact form available on my website. Rest assured, I will ensure the validity of your purchase before dispatching the package to the designated mailing address.

In addition, for users exclusively utilizing the calculator, please remember to download file number one, along with supplementary files numbered ten and eleven.

For people who like to work with logarithm tables, you should download all the PDF files

Polish Dar Młodzieży sailing ship on harbor in Kristiansand, Norway, during Tall Ships’ Races 2010. author: Arrto

Furthermore, for individuals who are fluent in French, there exists a French rendition of this website that goes by the name