Marine logarithm tables

Marine logarithm tables of whole numbers and example of how to use these tables

Marine logarithm tables, image of sea and winter
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Marine logarithm tables
Table of Logarithms of whole numbers

These tables were developed by the author with the help of Google Sheets.

The five tables necessary to obtain the calculated height (Hc)

  • Table 1: log cosine
  • Table 2: log versine
  • Table 3: natural cosine
  • Table 4: logarithms of whole numbers
  • Table 5: natural sine

The use of Table 4 is to bring the obtained logarithmic term (LOG 2e T) back to its natural term.( NAT 2e T)

Marine logarithm tables part of the worksheet
Part of the worksheet (tables)
example table 4: (logarithms of whole numbers)
Marine logarithm tables part of the worksheet with solution
part of the worksheet for logarithm tables
The mantissa

With the Mantissa,

we will search for the whole number

Whole number is 2354 (see below)

Table 4 page 2200/2600
Marine logarithm tablesimage page  table 4 logaritm of whole numbers
The use of the characteristic to put the coma

after finding the whole number, we have to put the comma!

Characeristique is 29 (see below for the coma)

Whole number = 2345

natural second term = 0,2354

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Marine logarithm tables of whole numbers


The purpose is to calculate the height of the sun (Hc) without a calculator.

The use of logarithm tables will replace multiplication with addition.

We will find an example and two exercises completed in the interactive worksheet (tables) page.

The idea is to continue with the concept of the DR position, and intercept but we no longer use the rule of signs (positive or negative)

It will be replaced by the notion same name or not same name.

Astronomical table of logarithms of whole numbers: method

In principle, we adhere to the same Saint-Marc-Hilaire method. Do not confuse it with the American HO 249 tables for aviation, which are based on different methods and are less precise.

These logarithm tables do not depend on time either.